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   Dr Clemens BarthDr. rer. nat. Clemens Barth

   Aix-Marseille Université, CNRS
   CINAM UMR 7325
   Research director (directeur de recherche)
   Campus de Luminy
   Case 913
   13288 Marseille Cedex 09
   Tel.               : ++33.(0)
   Fax                : ++33.(0)
   E-mail            : clemens<dot>barth<at>cnrs<dot>fr
   Web               : clemens-barth.root-1.de

Here is my other page at the CINaM

Researcher ID G-3543-2014
ORCID 0000-0003-4250-4533

Key words

Heterogeneous model catalysis, metal nanoparticles, metal nanocluster, oxide surfaces, defects on oxide surfaces

Molecular adsorption and desorption, supramolecular self-assembly, molecular resolution, molecules, π-π stacking, charge matching

MgO, Al2O3, HOPG, graphite, Antigorite, Alkali halides, NaCl, KCl, KBr, doped alkali halide crystals, NaCl:Mg, NaCl:Cd, surface double layer, suzuki phase, suzuki precipitates, suzuki surface, helicene, pentahelicene, [5]helicene

AFM, NC-AFM (Noncontact AFM), dynamic SFM (Scanning Force Microscopy), atomic resolution imaging, atomic contrast interpretation, constant height mode imaging, Kelvin probe force microscopy, electrostatic force mircoscopy, force spectroscopy, manipulation of metal nanoparticles, charge manipulation

Kraftmikroskopie, Nichtkontakt Kraftmikroskopie, Dynamische Kraftmikroskopie, Biegebalken
Microscopie à force atomique, AFM dynamique, AFM harmonique, cantilever, pointe

LaTeX, BibTeX, Bibcut, LyX, JabRef, MikTeX
Blender, Atomic Blender, PDB, XYZ, Cluster, Atomic Simulation Environment
Python, C/C++, shell

Last update:  March 30th, 2023

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