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Current projects

Coordinator for ANR project REACTIVITY
Partner for ANR project CHAMAN Homepage

Past projects

Member of committee in European COST Action CM1104: Reducible oxide chemistry, structure and functions Pages on the EU site
Homepage of the Action
Group page

Partner and responsible for European Science Foundation (Program FANAS) project NOMCIS Homepage



Local (CINaM, Marseille)

XPS - ceria films
Philippe Parent and Carine Laffon
STM - KCl ultra-thin films
Laurence Masson
ALD - hafnia films Lionel Santinacci

Local - past (CINaM, Marseille)

Helicene synthesis - self-assembly on Suzuki
Marc Gingras
Silicene on Ag(111) - atomic structure
Guy Le Lay
Minerals - atomic structure of antigorite Allain Barronet and Olivier Grauby

Current international

University of Osnabrück (Germany) Michael Reichling
CEMES - Toulouse (France)
Sebastien Gauthier
Aalto University - Helsinki (Finland) Adam Foster
Chalmers University - Göteborg (Sweden)
Henrik Grönbeck
CNR Nano - Modena (Italy)
Paola Luches

International past

Technical University Munich (Germany) Ulrich Heiz
University College London (UK)
Alexander Shluger
ISMO (Paris)
Bernard Bourgignon and
Aimeric Ouvrard

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