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Carbon adsorption and absorption at PdNPs on HOPG revealed by KPFM
February 2019

Carbon phenomena at PdNPs
Henrik Grönbeck and Clemens Barth
“Revealing Carbon Phenomena at Palladium Nanoparticles by Analyzing the Work Function“
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 123 (2019) 4360

New Ph.D. student: Baptiste Chatelain joined our NanoSPM group in Marseille
December 2018
Baptiste Chatelain

Revealing alloying phenomena on ultrathin ceria films on Pt(111)
November 2018

Ceria ultrathin films on Pt(111)
Gabriele Gasperi, Paola Luches and Clemens Barth
“Stability of Ultrathin Ceria Films on Pt(111) Exposed to Air and Treated in Redox Cycles“
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (2018) 25954

REACTIVITY has started!
April 2018

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